IOP is a Non-Profit Organization that educates, feeds and supports rural South African orphans and the children of HIV+ widows.

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To serve, educate and provide for the desperate and deserted orphans and HIV infected widows with children through individualised, family-centred, community-focused care. We strive for every orphan to have a humane chance in life.

We are based in a rural area near Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Our program is unique in the sense that we do not set up orphanages; our aim is to keep the children within their extended families and assist with home-based care.

We currently have a team that works within the community, ensuring that all the basic needs for our children are met promptly and with sensitivity.


Sponsor a Child

This programme creates a unique bond in our children where they feel chosen and loved….READ MORE

Educational Support

Our primary core focus is to ensure that every child is attending school …READ MORE

Women Empowerment

IOP facilitates the R2-Saving scheme where groups of 20 women meet once a week…READ MORE

Social Services

We provide a consistent service of being there for our families when they need us the most…READ MORE

Church Services

At the very core of our work is our commitment to serving our Lord Jesus Christ…READ MORE

Early Childhood Centre

We have a ECD centre, Eyethu Creche, on our premises that supports 30 children…

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