Partnership with I Learn To Live

I Learn To Live

Izulu Orphan Projects and I Learn to Live partner to work with the children and youth in the community, many of whom belong to the families assisted by Izulu Orphan Projects. I Learn to Live’s vision and mission is to raise up loving, creative, problem-solving, community changing children and youth with skills to thrive in life, by exposing them to education programmes, experiences, and advice to develop these skills. 

Key programmes and services offered by I Learn to Live to the community include:

Partnering with local primary and high schools to improve the learning experience in schools, this includes:

  • Gateway into Reading programme: A phonics based programme for Grade 1-4 learners, to ensure reading for meaning takes place by Grade 5.
  • Applications for NSFAS and CAO for Grade 12 learners: We travel to schools to help learners make their applications, ensuring it is done correctly, and saving transport fees generally incurred.
  • Hosting technology workshops: Providing teachers with information on free online resources (such as Khan Academy) to improve their teaching knowledge, methodology and learner experience, as well as how to set up a classroom with limited tech.
  • Teacher-Parent communication: Setting up bulk SMS communication systems to ensure better teacher-parent engagement
  • Home school packs: During Covid-19, working with teacher to develop home school packs for children not able to attend school during lockdown
  • Covid-19 Screening system: Training schools to implement Covid-19 screening procedures, using an online system that stores data for easy retrieval, saves paper and saves time.

Running the Learning Centre, which offers

  • A library of books for children and youth
  • After school and weekend sessions for primary school children in:
    – Basic computers
    – Basic coding
    – Basic animation
  • Access to the internet for high school children to complete school research projects
  • Opportunity to learners/students to:
    – Explore job opportunities
    – Type CVs
    – Explore free online courses in fields they are interested in.