April 2021

Laying down my life to see others thrive has been worth every second!

Thriving women through our Two-Rand Saving Scheme.
In February 2018, we started our Two-Rand Saving Scheme. We now have 48 groups of 20 women meeting once a week to save R2! I am completely blown away to see the true impact in these women’s lives – building savings, resilience, community trust and social capital! Some of our groups have saved over R11 500!

Thriving orphans in education!
Our orphans’ dreams of getting university educations are coming true, we are so proud of them! Please continue to donate to our Education Fund to make this all possible! We continue to raise funds for school uniforms, school fees and transport, special school fees and food for our disabled children, university fees and residencies.

Thriving disabled children!
Our two amazing disabled brothers, Mfanafuthi and Zwe, have come so far over the years. In January 2016, we found them wondering aimlessly around their communities. Due to their severe autism, they were not able to attend school or able to speak a word. Now we have two thriving, talkative young men, praise God!

Our thriving centre is 10 years old!
It is time for some desperate maintenance. We have three buildings which need serious attention:

  • Our classroom ceiling collapsed last year, thank God it was not filled with children!!! We need to increase the roof pitch and replace the entire structure to prevent this problem from reoccurring.
    Cost – R208 276.46

  • Our entire creche (day-care) roof needs replacing.
    Cost – R144 185.66
  • Our garage and storeroom roof structure anchoring to the building is insufficient and has started showing signs of failure. We are no longer able to use this building. The walls need to be fixed and the entire roof structure reinforced.
    Cost – R84 993.18

    Building Fund Goal: R503 073.59 Incl VAT.

Please know how grateful we are for all your help. We cannot do this without you. We are so appreciative of every cent that comes in, that enables us to reach those in desperate need. You equip us to be the Hope on the hill, the Light that cannot be hidden.

Thank-you to you all.

Kate, Mpume and the amazing team at IOP.

Ways To Donate

Banking Details for Offline Donation
Bank: First National Bank
Account Name: Izulu Orphan Projects
Cheque Account (Non-Profit)
Account No: 62094657908
Branch: Empangeni, 8 Smith Street
Branch Code: 220130
BIC/Swift address: FIRNZAJJXXX

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